The pilgrimage site could be a shelter for re-discovering self
and recovering force for repentance. – Pope Francis

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Offcially Recognized by the Vatican

The Significance of the Seoul Pilgrimage Route

교황청승인 순례길 선포식

‘The Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route’ loved by the church and civil society was declared as the first Asian International Pilgrimage Site by Vatican on Sep 14th, 2018. It came true because of continuous visits and concerns by the lots of pilgrims.
The Seoul Archdiocese’s Martyrs Exaltation Committee has made various efforts for renewing the management articles of each pilgrim site, reinforce the facilities of the related cultural sources, creating the contents, authenticating the historical evidences of Korean Catholic Church’s relics and holding the related academic and cultural events since 2015 to get recognition of Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Site as International Pilgrimage Site by Vatican. We hope the international pilgrimage site, ‘Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route’ will be that for the faithful as well as Korea’s proud cultural heritage and a pilgrimage route for Asia and the rest of world.

What is International Pilgrimage Site?

There are three types of shrines defined by the canon law of the Catholic Church. diocesan shrines, which are approved by their respective dioceses,
natinal shrines approved by the conference of bishops,
and international shrines approved by the Holy See.

(Canon Law Vol. IV, Part III, Title I, Chapter III)

On September 14, 2018, the Seoul Pilgrimage Routes were declared with the approval of the Batican as the first pilgrimage routes of international shrines in Asia. The pilgrimage sites fll under the categroy of "internatinal shrines."


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea recognized ‘Seoul Archdiocese’s Pilgrimage Route’ as a national pilgrimage site.
Cardinal Andrew Yeom Su-jung declared ‘Seoul Archdiocese’s Pilgrimage Route’.
Requesting to Vatican for recognizing as an international pilgrimage site.
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea sent the ‘letter for hoping co-declaration of Pilgrimage Site’, requesting of recognition as an international pilgrimage site.
Submitting the articles of management and explanation of shrines and pilgrimage sites to the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization. Vatican.
9. 14
The Pontifical Envoy, Archbishop Rino Fisichella of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization visited Korea and holding the declaration ceremony as an official international pilgrimage site by Vatican

Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route Guide


First course The Good News Road

How was the beginning of Korean Catholic Church? The course starts from the site of Thomas Kim Beom-woo, the protomartyr of Korea and the site of John Lee Byeok, the venue of the first Catholic baptism.

Total length : 8.7km
Duration : 3hour 40minutes

Second Course The Eternal Life Road

The route is intact with the history of Catholic persecution in Korea and is called the “eternal life road’ as it is the route on the ways of martyrdom and of getting eternal lives.

Total length : 5.9km
Duration : 2hour 30minutes

Third Course The Unity Road

The route connects the main martyrs’ shrines in Seoul and is called the ‘Unity road’ for hoping that every pilgrim follows the examples of the martyrs and realize their faith.

Total length : 29.5km
Duration : 8 hours
Martyrs' Shrine
A site of martydom or a site containing the graves of martyrs where liturgiacal celebrations continue to take place
Historic Site
A sute assicuated with the martyrs
(government offices where they were detained and interrogated, residences, memorial sites or churches)
In a narrow sense, a place that is unrelated to martyrs but contatins traces of the lives and spirituality of the forefathers of faith or a site designated by a person with authority in the parish


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