The pilgrimage site could be a shelter for re-discovering self
and recovering force for repentance. – Pope Francis

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The Seoul Pilgrimage Route

Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route 1course

The Good News Road

How did the Catholic Church start in Korea?
Those who walk the Good News Road can begin to find an answer to this fascinationg question.
Named the Good News Road, this pilgrimage reminds those who walk its path of the significance of the community of laypersons who voluntarily accepted the Word of the Gospel, an act without precedent in the history of the Church.
This route begins with a visit to the sites of the homes of Thomas Kim Beom-u(Korea’s first evangelist) and John the Baptist Yi Byeok’s house(the site of the first baptisms in Korea.) The journey continues to Seokjeong Boreum Well whose waters Fr. James Zhou Wen-mo, the first priest and missionary to evangelize in Korea, blessed for the celebration of the sacrament of baptism. The pilgrim is invited to spend time in Gahoe-dong Catholic Church in Gye-dong. The church is built in the area where Fr. Zhou ministered and provides an opportunity to quietly meditate on both the life and martyrdom of Fr. Zhou and the early believers to whom he ministered.

Total length
3hour 40minutes

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course img map

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Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route 1course