The pilgrimage site could be a shelter for re-discovering self
and recovering force for repentance. – Pope Francis

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The Seoul Pilgrimage Route

Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route 2course

The Eternal Life Road

During the Joseon Dynasty, Catholicism was regarded as an evil practice for prioritizing the word of God over the commands of the king, and a series of Cathlic persecutions ensued. The Eternal Life Road, which retains the traces of the history of these persecutions, includes the historically significant Seosomun Martyrs’ Site where the largest number of Catholic believers were executed by beheading. Also found along the road are the Site of Hyeongjo, the Site of the Right Podocheong, and the Site of the Gyeonggi Provincial Governor’s Office.
Martyrdom is the ultimate testimony to one’s faith, and many Catholic believers, in seeking the noble truth, sacrificed their lives, steadfast in their hope and belief in the ‘eternal life’ offered by Jesus Christ. Although the forefathers of faithdied as martyrs, they were also on a journey to attaining everlasting life and thus this route has been named the Eternal Life Road.
The sites are no longer in their former appearance, yet they will encourage pilgrims to reflect on both the persecution of Catholicism, which occurred on this very soil, as well as the universal values sought by the martyrs.
Pilgrims, as they follow in the footsteps of those who put their faith above their own lives, are naturally challenged to ponder what is of most value in their lives.

Total length
2hour 30minutes

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Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route 2course