The pilgrimage site could be a shelter for re-discovering self
and recovering force for repentance. – Pope Francis

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The Seoul Pilgrimage Route

Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route 3course

The Unity Road

This route connecting some of the most iconic martyrs’ shrines in Seoul has been named the Unity Road to encourage believers to follow the example set by the martyrs and uphold the will of God.
It takes pilgrims to Danggogae Martyrs’ Shrine, which produced the third largest number of martyred saints in Korea, and Saenamteo Martyrs’ Shrine, where Father James Zhou Wen-mo, the first foreign missionary to Korea, and St Andrew Kim Tae-gon, the first-ever Korean priest, died as martyrs. Past the latter site, the Hangang River flows, and along the riverside there is Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine which receives endless streams of pilgrims from across the country and the world.
The place was named, Jeoldusan, meaning a ‘place where Catholic believers were beheaded,’ and enshrined in the crypt of the chapel are the remains of 27 martyred saints and one unnamed martyr.
The pilgrimage continues past Waegogae Shrine where 10 martyrs remained buried for decades, and concludes at Samseongsan Shrine. The pilgrim is invited to meditate on their own faith and what it means to follow in the footsteps of the martyrs and imitate their faith.

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Seoul Catholic Pilgrimage Route 3course